USS Wyoming

The third Wyoming (Battleship No. 32) was launched May 25, 1911, at William Cramp and Sons shipyard in Philadelphia. Following its commissioning in September 1912, Wyoming became the flagship of the Commander of the United States Atlantic Fleet. Wyoming participated in drills and exercises in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean over the next several years. In November 1917, Wyoming sailed for the British Isles, reaching Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, where the battleship became part of the 6th Battle Squadron of the British Grand Fleet. During this time, Wyoming performed convoy escort duties while guarding against the danger posed by the German High Seas Fleet.

USS Wyoming

In accordance with the 1930 London treaty limiting Naval armaments, Wyoming was demilitarized in 1931, with the removal of its armor, and guns and turret machinery from three of its six main battery turrets. Wyoming embarked on another phase of its lengthy career in 1941 when it was converted to use as a gunnery training ship. In this capacity, Wyoming fired off more ammunition than any other ship in the fleet, while training some 35,000 sailors on seven different types of guns. Wyoming was decommissioned in August 1947.

Walter Brough served on the USS Wyoming from April 6, 1917 until November 10, 1919.